Our Company

In 1990, it started the production and sales of milk and dairy products (Butter-clarified butter), Pistachio, shelled walnut, salep. Our company carried on the activity when Veysi Topuz founded Themra Herbal Products in 2005 and Herbal Cosmetic Products (Creams and Oils) in 2006.In 2007, it has extended its portfolio with production and marketing of Fiyto Hair Care Products (Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hair care Lotion, Hair Gel, Foot Care Product).

In 2010, it has extended its portfolio with the production and marketing of Dermaderm Skin and Hair Care Products (Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Skin Care Creams).

In 2012, it has been launched in different sectors and has expanded its portfolio by entering into the production and marketing of dried nuts with Akar Brand. Our company which has rich product range has continued its activities for 27 years since its establishment without sacrificing quality and it is extending its area of activity day by day. Veysi Topuz, serving world class in its field of activity, aims to be an international brand by carrying this success that it has caught in our country to foreign markets while expanding its market with products that it produces.

Quality Policy

As the THEMRA family, we continue to produce quality products that can be safely selected in the international market, and train food engineers, chemical engineers and our employees working in our sector to improve their knowledge, awareness and skill levels, to do their best, increase their productivity, to increase customer satisfaction, to minimize complaints, to produce products that meet consumer’s changing needs and expectations.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Health Matters!!! THEMRA, which plays a pioneering role in adopting and extending its products according to the main principle of ” Our Health Matters”, is aiming to be the leading brand for those who say ” I am healthy, in shape and happy”.

Keeping the unconditional consumer satisfaction and trust in the foreground, it aims to produce products with high quality standards that are beneficial to human health.